Luiz Antônio Venker Menezes, Mano Menezes.

Luiz Antônio Venker Menezes, also known as Mano Menezes, was born on June 11, 1962, in Passo do Sobrado, Rio Grande do Sul. He is graduated in physical education, married and he has a daughter. His life in soccer has started as a player and after it, he has assumed a position as a coach in 1992, in the youth categories of teams from Rio Grande do Sul.

The first appearance as a main club team was in 1997 and the first title came in 2002. In that year, he won with Guarani from the city of Venâncio Aires, a club from the countryside of Rio Grande do Sul, the Gaúcho Championship. In 2004, heading 15 de Novembro, a club from the same state, he was 3rd place in the Copa do Brasil, with a great campaign that took him to the command of another club called Caxias. Later, Mano was announced as the football manager in Grêmio Foot-ball Porto Alegrense team.

There he made history. Mano brought the team back to "Série A" of Campeonato Brasileiro in 2005, in a famous match known as “A Batalha dos Aflitos” in Brazil. In that occasion, Grêmio won the final against Náutico with only seven players in the field.

The following year, he won the title of Campeonato Gaúcho and also reached the 3rd place at Campeonato Brasileiro, classifying the club for the Libertadores da América Cup. In 2007, Mano has taken Grêmio to the second title in a row and leaded the team to the final of Libertadores.

After a successful path in gauchos’ teams, Mano Menezes accepted a new challenge in the second division of Brazilian soccer: take Corinthians back to the elite of Brazilian soccer. For the happiness of Corinthians" fans, the result was great and the team became champion of the second division in the Campeonato Brasileiro of 2008. That was the guarantee to dispute the Série A in the next year. In 2009 there were two great achievements: Campeonato Paulista and Copa do Brasil.

On July 23, 2010, after being with Corinthians for the first ten matches of Campeonato Brasileiro, Mano was invited to command the Brazilian National Team in a project that was aiming the World Cup 2014. On July 24, his name was confirmed as the new coach.

After two years as the coach of the national team, with two titles in the Superclássico das Américas and the silver medal in the London Olympic Games 2012, Mano left this job as Brazil's coach on November 23, 2012.

After a break of six months or so, Mano was presented as the coach of Flamengo on June 17, 2013. After three months, on September 19 and as an own decision, Mano quit the command of the carioca team.

In 2014, Mano returned to Corinthians after four seasons, with the important mission of update the team. At the end of the year and with good results and the target reached, Timão (as Corinthians is called in Brazil) finished the year classified to the Copa Libertadores 2015.